Building on an eco-friendly lifestyle

Okay, so I Love blogging and I enjoy writing. This blog, hopefully will be able to hold all of the areas of a life that has dedicated itself to doing what I can as an ecologist to the spiritual side. And yet, the more I practice the more I feel that these 2 are intertwined. You can begin by visiting my eco-friendly businesses. As time goes by you’ll find information, product and ideas. – This site has healthy, botanically based skin care, cosmetics and body care. I’ve been a part of this company for over 10 years and, even though I tried, have not found a product that works for my sensitive skin. Plus people are always amazed at my age, lifestyle and products do make a difference. Ask me questions anytime. – This is an eBay store started by my husband who loves used blue jeans. It has grown to include over 450 items, with a goal of 1,000, which include jean jackets, toddler denim, skirts, shorts, shirts and brand names like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, L.L. Bean, GAP, J. Crew, Osh Kosh, Levi, Wrangler, Lee and more. Reusing clothing is a great way to help the planet by not using virgin resources. I always feel so good when I’m recycling clothing and have learned that I can find used clothing that is great, brand name and save lots of money. – I have to admit I haven’t been able to work on this site for awhile, but, it does include my book: Your Money, Your Power: 10 Ideas for Mindful Spending to Create a Healthy, Green Planet. And this is happening, people are learning that how they spend their daily money can redirect the way we live in healthy ways. Plus I have other books ready for you to purchase, lots of great links and articles, plus a blog radio station.

Well, that’s me. I look forward to sharing information and help in building my eco-friendly businesses. I’m proud to be an Eco Entrepreneur.

Tana Dean


2 thoughts on “Building on an eco-friendly lifestyle

    • Arbonne does not do any animal testing and all the products are vegan. They are botanically based and all ingredients and products are tested for safety. Thanks!

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