Respecting ‘animal sentience’ as a vegan

Last December the Europrean Union (27 countries in Europe) recognized animal sentience. According to the Lisbon Treaty, the welfare of animals will have to be taken into consideration any time animals are used for human purposes. This includes agriculture, research, transportation, and space policies. Religious and cultural customs will be respected. This is an important step for the progress of animals.

What does animal sentience mean? Recognizing that animals live in a consious state. They know pain and pleasure, teach their young,

A ‘sentient animal‘ is an animal that is aware of his/her surroundings and of what happens to him/her and is capable of feeling pain and pleasure, at the least.  This is why we have anit-cruelty rights for animals like cats, dogs, horses. Those animals that serve us as companions and workers.

Expanding our awareness to all animals will help us choose a vegan lifestyle. This can include diet, skin care, what is in our homes, the clothes we wear and the cars we drive.

The best scientific evidence at this time shows us that the most important choice for ecology we can make is eating a plant based diet. Plus, more health care givers are suggesting plant based diets.

Hopefully the US can follow suit soon.

Peace and Kindness,
Tana Dean

vegan skin care
used denim clothing


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