craigslist saved me $100’s

My husband uses craigslist all the time and is really good at finding all sorts of services and saves us lots of money while repurposing, helping us live a green lifestyle.

Our computers have been sickly for a long time. His has been so bad that it did not work – brought down by viruses.

After getting a quote from the regular vendors for repair (Best Buy, Office Depot) which was hundreds of dollars. Enough that it would have been better to purchase a new computer he decided to go on craigslist to see if we could find a good technician. Well, we did and he is great!

Saved us hundreds of dollars, I thought I was going to have to purchase a new computer and I now have this SCREAMIN’ machine that will last me a couple more years.

He went to the services category and found a college student who spent hours working on my machine and now has my husbands to repair. The student, while getting his degree does this to make extra money.

What a great win/win situation. We can help support this college student and we get a great technician. YEAH craigslist!!!

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tanas arbonne


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