Dr. Weil discusses ‘What’s Wrong with Conventional Medicine’

Dr. Weil has spent years educating and helping to develop the Centers for Alternative Medicine (CAM) that we find in hospitals today.  He is a voice that offers choices in our own healthcare.

In this video, What’s Wrong with Conventional Medicine – Ask Dr. Weil, he discusses the US commitment to pharmaceuticals and how adverse drug reactions are the leading cause of doctor caused disease.

He says that there are so many other options for us to use before we take pharmaceuticals. Alternative medicine has its place in your health maintenance and bringing yourself back to health.

We live in a system that focuses on treatment more than prevention. This is a short video, worth a few minutes and then go explore all of the creative ways he suggest to maintain our health.

Remember that your prescriptions are harmful to the envrionment and pollute our water sources. Don’t flush them down the toilet, take them to a drugstore that will recycle them safely.

Peace and Kindness,
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