Think differently when donating to world hunger-relief

We are a nation of givers, even in challenging times. As givers it is our duty to take a close look at who and what we are giving to. I’ve always liked the organizations Heifer and Oxfam but felt I was not able to follow my heart as far as not using animals for nutrition.

Here are some options to consider when you want to truly help someone feed themselves:

  • Food for Life Global – vegan/vegetarian meals since 1974 –
  • Fruit Tree Planting Foundation – planting fruit trees for a healthier planet –
  • HIPPO – serving mostly Africa –
  • Sustainable Harvest International – serving farming families in South America to overcome property and restoring the planet’s tropical forest –
  • Vegfam – feeding the hungry without exploiting animals –
  • – brush up on your vocabulary and feed the world

Some great choices and you help relieve the planet stress by supporting plant-based diets.

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