Expanding as an Eco Consumer

Everyday my focus is on offering used denim clothing to help consumers repurpose for the planet and save money. Used blue jeans are fun and you can find those favorite jeans that you’ve been looking for. I’ve developed several favorites along my used blue jean journey.

There is a growing, thriving crop of eco- and veg-friendly businesses making low-impact living align with your green, cruelty free ethics.

Vaute Couture out of Chicago is an example. Owner, Mai-ly Hilgard works to preserve the planet with her all-veg business that takes “cruelty-free” to a higher level by overlaping veganism and environmentalism.

On the cover this month of VegNews in the article she says, “I believe in the whole goodness-good to the animals, the earth and the people, and in each decision I make, these are on my mind as to how I can take a step further for the industry.”

It is getting so much easier to create your own personal cruelty free, planet friendly movement. I’m continually excited about all of the possibilities and finding dedicated businesses like this one.

anti-aging vegan skin and body care
used blue jeans


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