Growing a Mindful Society

Recently I read a few articles about mindful living. If you practice a Buddhist tradition this is part of their practice, being mindful. What surprised me is that when I was writing and titling my book I had not heard the word mindful but had used it in the title of my book, Your Money, Your Power, 10 Ideas for Mindful Living to Create a Healthy Green Planet, because the idea was to help people be mindful of how they spend their money each day. An easy primer for anyone.

Now I’m finding people who are dedicated to mindfulness focused on teaching us how deeply our purchasing choices affect us. In an article for Shambala Sun by Daniel Goleman titled, Making the Right Choice, he says, ‘the moment you realize the bigger picture surrounding your purchase, you are led to a more mindful buying decision.’

Through our purchases we are interconnected. He connects how our mindful shopping habits could take the corporate sustainability shift beyond the moral and ethical reasoning to servicing a mindful customer base that must be catered to because it is in the best interest of the investors.

I have always felt that we have been taught that we are powerless in how corporations treat us, but, I believe that our power is in our daily financial actions. This article renews my belief that we are learning how powerful each purchase is that we make. Our spending habits have the ability to literally affect us, our society and the planet.

Learn how your purchases are rated by health, environment and society at A good place to start.

Peace and Kindness,
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