Earth Day – reflections of a vegan

I may not be a perfect vegan, but I’m finding that gradually my choice, comfort level and satisfaction with food is vegan. As you move into this choice it begins to affect more than your food decisions, like shoes, handbags, coats – all becoming man-made materials rather than animal.

One of the most bothersome ads for me on tv, and I know this sounds funny, was the Red Lobster ad where the lobsters were running along the bottom of the ocean and the song that was playing was ‘No Where to Run, No Where to Hide’. I know this was meant to be cute and a funny way to think about  eating lobsters but it began bothering me that these lobsters were trying to run away from being eaten.

The other day I was watching the Discovery series Life, I think, and it was about fish. They were sharing how Clown fish take care of their young and showed all of these transparent eggs that had eyes and you could see their hearts beating. I wondered, how different are their hearts than mine.We are all hearts beating.

Yes, I’m getting more sensitive about how we treat ALL creatures around us, including one another, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons I write in this blog. So, on Earth Day maybe you’ll consider skipping the meat. I used to say that I don’t eat anything that has eyes, I got that from Paul McCartney.

On this one day that you can choose to be vegan you’ll help the planet because the raising, slaughtering and consuming of meat is the LARGEST source of environmental harm, you’ll save an animal from being raised on a factory farm where the conditions are unspeakable for any creature, you’ll experience a choice that can bring health and you can give back to the earth that gives us all that we need and more. It only asks that we make mindful choices to help in its healing.

Love to All,
tanas banana used blue jeans
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3 thoughts on “Earth Day – reflections of a vegan

  1. i can totally relate to your sensitivity. since going vegetarian and eventually vegan (btw, No vegan is perfect!!), i see the world with different eyes. there is another commercial that is among the “Go Meat” campaign and now it is very offensive to me. it’s weird. i love your observation about the clownfish, and how we are ALL beating hearts. just lovely.

  2. Wendy, I LOVE your blog. I’m looking forward to exploring it. Thank You! for the comment. Much Love, Tana

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