VegNews – Encouraging drivers to go vegetarian

Mercy for Animals new billboard in Minnesota

Why Love one but eat the other? from VegNews Daily

Mercy For Animals encourages Minnesota drivers to go vegetarian with its new billboard campaign.

By Liz Miller

A new billboard campaign by animal rights group Mercy For Animals (MFA) is asking Minneapolis and St. Paul citizens to take a moment during their morning commute to consider going vegetarian. The group is sponsoring 23 billboards across the Twin Cities that range from cuddly images of companion animals with farm animals and ask the question, “Why love one but eat the other?” to harsher pictures of pigs confined in gestation crates asking people, “How much cruelty can you swallow?” The campaign is reaching more than one quarter million people a day. MFA has sponsored similar campaigns in major cities across the country.


It’s a great question. I always wonder why people don’t connect their dinner with the sympathy and compassion that they  feel when they see an animal who has been hurt and treated cruelly. There are many studies that show we do not need the amount of meat protein we eat daily. The food industry has convinced us that eating animals is the best way to survive. It is a challenge to learn to live with all beings in peace.

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