The Many Meanings of ‘Service’ to All Beings

Suzi, our Shar Pei who is blind and teaches us so much everyday about Love

I looked up the word service in the free dictionary online with its many different uses and meanings and then I realized that my life has been filled with service on many different levels.

Immediately I thought of a few and I’m sure that you have many versions of your own. I served as a waitress, I served companies as a sales representative, I serve my husband a cup of coffee, I serve my home by keeping it clean, I serve myself by eating healthy, I serve my employer by doing a good job each day . . . and the list could go on. I serve everyday in many different ways.

But this morning I woke up with the idea that ‘what if’ we saw everyday as service in some manner. ‘What if’ our greatest service was to live each day with ahimsa which basically means, living in peace with All Beings.

Does this mean we set aside our beliefs and opinions, certainly not. It means that we live them each day, perhaps we speak less of them and we use our personal actions to serve others and ourselves. Each day would be a practice of living in peace with All Beings.

The most important words here are ‘All Beings’. All Beings includes humans, who are being, and all other living creatures on this planet, that are being. As a soul, who is having a human experience, I’m finding that my personal growth is leading me to see more of the likenesses between myself and the other beings around me. I begin to see them as less different.

This reflection has definitely been an influence on my choice as a vegetarian/vegan because the action of that choice has many different affects. It lessens the pain and suffering of other Beings because I choose not to eat them, it helps me learn how to live consciously by being aware of how my  actions affect others and I feel more connected to my stewardship in doing what I can to help the planet.

‘What if’ we began to see each day as a way to serve? Would it affect us personally, our families, communities, countries and the planet? A good thought for the day.

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