have you visited change.org

10.10.10 has been set aside by 350.org as the biggest day of climate action ever. People from all over the planet are putting into action the changes that governments and corporations are not yet willing to do.

My daughter has been bugging me to visit change.org and when I did the first face and name I saw was Bill McKibbon, the environmentalist. I’ve read a couple of his books and have certainly been influenced by his ideas and honor his character and dedication to people around the world.

The US just seems to be lagging in its commitment and so it becomes truly a people’s movement, worldwide, to help the planet.

Certainly make 10.10.10 a meatless day, just that one commitment by millions will affect the planet’s global warming with less agriculture used for one day. What if you committed to even 2-3 meatless days a week. The effect of this action would be felt around the world.

Find a vegan recipe or make marinara sauce w/spaghetti, a salad and a nice loaf of french bread with non-dairy spread. You have created a vegan meal. Then, you can top it off with So Delicious frozen coconut sandwiches and stick bars. They even make them with Agave syrup as a sweetener if you want to skip the sugar.


Visit tanas banana used blue jeans


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