your primer for developing mindful spending for a green planet

I’m great at helping others by placing links to their websites. I realized today that I need to take some time to … help you buy this book, yep, you can buy this book. Just go to Amazon and you will find it there.

I wrote this book to help those who may not have alot of experience in purchasing safe, healthy, organic food, safe household products or understanding why it is important to know what is in your skin care.

You’ll find a workbook at the end where you can create ideas of your own and share them with people. It is an easy, quick read. A book that you can keep handy to use as a reference. And… I could use the money.  🙂   (This is a sheepish grin).

When you purchase it, please feel free to send me some feedback, be great to hear what you think.


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