Time for a Food Revolution – Jamie Oliver

For years, actually since I was a young woman, food has been something I have always been interested in and I wanted to know what I was eating, was it healthy for me, would it help me as I grew older and was I doing the least harm to all those around me (humans, animals and all beings).

This show, which I watched my first episode last night, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, created a night of fitful sleep and is journalism at its best as he exposes the deep-seated fear of food. How can a guy with vegetables and the goal of helping create healthy eating in schools for our young people be so feared? The Los Angeles school system should be ashamed of their actions. Their politics continue to exacerbate a young population that EXPECTS to be unhealthy!

In June I will be a year without sugar, a daunting change of diet. It has been a personal struggle to keep sugar out of my diet because it is in so much of what we eat. As much as I thought I knew about food, leaving sugar was difficult. Not because I couldn’t handle not eating it, because the food industry has placed it in so much of what we eat.

Watch this show, sign the petition. A grass roots food revolution is what this nation needs and thankfully Jamie Oliver has tremendous courage to expose the food industry that does not care about our health, but only its profit. And ABC has scheduled a reality show that is real journalism.

Tana Dean
Eco Entrepreneur


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