Millions Against Monsanto to create labeling for Genetically Modified Food

Labeling genetically modified foods in our grocery stores is what the United States consumers deserve and should demand.

The European Union, Japan and South Korea all have policies for labeling genetically modified food and when this happens, people do not buy it. But, in the United States, there is no labeling and this has led to our food supply being tainted with an astounding amount of genetically modified products. Her is what our government has allowed, from Millions Against Monsanto: Corn (85% of U.S. production is GM), soy (91% GM), cotton (88% GM), canola (85% GM) and sugar beets (95% GM) are all genetically engineered by Monsanto to withstand massive doses of the company’s glyphosate herbicide RoundUp, or else to exude their own pesticide, Bacillus Thuriengensis (Bt). RoundUp, the favorite weedkiller poison of non-organic farmers and gardeners, causes brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses.

I want to know what is on the grocery shelf when I pick it up and read the label, but I’m not given the right to know if it is genetically modified.

So, what can we do?

Purchase as much organic food as you can afford, I know it’s difficult, but, when people continue to support the organic food growers and distributors the prices begin to come down. Our household shops at Meijers, a Michigan based grocer, who offer organic products throughout the store that are comparably priced to conventional (NOT labeled if they contain GMOs). Our food dollars are used to eat better food and support the organic industry.

Go to the Millions Against Monsanto and sign the Truth in Labeling Petition, Join a Local Chapter. Read and take action Tell the President, VP, Congress & FDA to label GMOs! It is only by uniting that we can change this tide of abuse and experimentation with our food. Other countries have refused GMOs, we need to refuse them by having them labeled, so we can choose to not purchase them.

87-95% of people in the United States want genetically modified food labeled, and yet, our government does not ‘hear’ us, corporations like Monsanto are simply very powerful.

Change happens when people are courageous enough to act! We deserve to know how our food is produced and what is in it.


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