Learn about Fracking and Why You Want to Share this Information

May Flowers - Tana Dean

SaveOurEnvironment.org which is a national coalition of environmental organizations working together to create a powerful voice so you can be heard in the crucial battles to protect our air and water; our lands, forests, and oceans; our wildlife; our children’s future; and our planet’s climate. You can visit the Who We Are to see the 20 organizations that have formed this coalition. It’s quite impressive with some of my favorite organizations.

This article though is about fracking. If you haven’t heard of it, National Public Radio did a show, Fracking Brings Jobs And Pollution To Town, last week and you need to educate yourself. Exxon is using it’s deep pockets to sway public opinion, but, this environmentally destructive process needs to be addressed.

Take Exxon Mobil’s Fracking
Ad Off The Air 

Exxon’s new ad claims that hydrofracking is safe and innovative. Yet hydrofracking can deplete and contaminate local drinking water supplies, damage the environment and threaten public health.

As individuals we may not have deep pockets, but, we have organizations like SaveOurEnvironment.org that we can support to make our voices heard, strengthen our numbers and address issues to create a healthy, safe environment for all.

Tana Dean
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