Power that creates worlds

Abraham-Hicks is a favorite of mine when looking for guidance and inspiration. Learning how to live in the moment and feeling good and also using my feelings as a guidance tool.  Today I was watching a video on their website and the statement was made, ‘power that creates the worlds’. It was referring to the universal source that is the creator of all that is and we are part of that creation.

It was not filled with the connotations that this power has a following. It doesn’t need any, it can create worlds, and, again, we are part of it. How mysterious and comforting. It took me away from even the limited view of this planet and expanded to a vision of encompassing the universe.

But, I am here on the planet, so, perhaps I do the best I can here, always expanding, always living with compassion, always being better today than I was yesterday.

This came from Oprah, she has it hung in her office: Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space. I’m going to create this sign and hang it by my entry door so I can read it each day as I go in and out and to remind others when they enter my home to bring their positive feelings and energy with them.

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