Sometimes it’s tough being a vegan, no sugar and not having hot chocolate fudge sauce!

But, no more! I’ve just found this chocolate chip that is grain sweetened (no sugar) and they taste GREAT! Sunspire Grain Sweetened Dark Chocolate, wonderful dark chocolate, not too sweet.

I made cookies with them, they were terrible, but, that wasn’t the chocolate chips fault, it was the baker’s fault. I’m trying to learn to make vegan sweets, need alot of practice! So, I spent several days eating them from the bag, just enjoying the idea that I could have some chocolate.

This is the beginning of my second year of no sugar. I know that the artificial sweeteners are not healthy and I use mostly agave syrup, which I Love!

As a vegan my favorite ‘ice cream’ is So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk frozen dessert, usually chocolate. It’s sweetened with erythritol, a natural low-glycemic sweetener, made from fruit and sometimes sugar cane. But, I missed hot chocolate fudge sauce and I was chomping on my chocolate chips when this idea POPPED into my mind. What if…I put some chocolate chips in a double boiler and made some sauce for my ‘ice cream.’ WOW! I got excited and went to the kitchen.

As the chips were melting I added a little Unsweetened Almond Soymilk (Westsoy) and some agave syrup. Voila! Hot Fudge Sauce, no sugar, low calorie, vegan and I sat in my favorite TV chair, watched some TV and enjoyed the moment.

It took me a couple of minutes to create a treat that I had not had for over a year. Try it, you, your sweet tooth and your body will be thankful!

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s tough being a vegan, no sugar and not having hot chocolate fudge sauce!

  1. Wow. This is great to know. Can you buy these in the store or are they special order? After reading this Mom’s Guide (, I started taking better inventory of what I feed my son and realized just how much sugar he was consuming each day. I want to make some changes, not just for his dental health but his overall health, too. And we LOVE chocolate at my house so I really appreciate your post.

  2. Thank You! for your comment, I am developing compassionate/healthy sweets and would Love to offer you a sample. It would be great to have some lovely chocolate sweets to give our children and not feel like we are affecting their future health. We LOVE chocolate at our house too. (check your email).

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