Victory in Hawaii for Humane Animal Treatment

I always find it so uncomfortable to be reminded of the cruelty forced on animals that we choose to eat. As a vegan my choice has become to not eat animals, but, for those who do, creating humane living conditions is the least we owe other beings who live and share this planet.

The Hawaiian legislator did not pass a bill to purchase a Hawaiian slaughterhouse that forced live animals to endure a 4,000 mile trip in cramped and inhumane conditions from the U.S. mainland to be slaughtered because of the World Society for the Protection of Animals, the Hawaiian local media and community protest.

There are always more changes needed, but, each victory makes a difference for animals. Hopefully, more people will demand that the animals they eat will be treated kindly. Or, they could also choose a vegan (plant-based) diet and alleviate the animal cruelty that is served on their plates daily.

Read the complete article: Victory: Hawaii Legislature does not Pass Slaughterhouse Bill



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