Court Rules Organic Farmers can Sue (and win) GMO Farmers

In Minnesota the courts have ruled that organic farmers can sue chemical-laden conventional farmers around them and seek damages for lost crops. In California an organic farmer recently won a $1 million dollar lawsuit against a conventional farm whose spraying drifted several miles through fog to contaminate a farm. Read the full article at Natural News.

This opens the door for organic farmers to protect their farms and livelihoods. It also protects us, the consumers, from the bio-tech companies being able to take over organic land, which they have been able to until now by polluting them.

However, if you visit a farmers market you might be surprised that many farmers do not even know what GMO’s (genetically engineered organism) are, they believe that they must use pesticides to grow crops. Hopefully these rulings will grow and help farmers stand up and push for no GMO’s in America.

In other areas of the world they are refusing these toxic killer’s with, what seems to be, a better understanding of polluting their food supply than Americans do.

So, what can you do? If you eat anything with corn syrup, you are eating GMO and risking your health. 88% of all corn in the US is now genetically engineered. Read the labels in your grocery store, you’ll be surprised at how many products use it.

As a person who gave up sugar I was actually surprised at how difficult it was to find a BBQ sauce that did not contain sugar (or corn syrup). I only found one brand that did not contain any sweetener.

These may sound like small things, but, if millions of us did small things it would send a clear message to the corporate giants, who do not care about our health, that we want to know what we eat (by labeling GMO’s) and we will choose healthier food for ourselves and our children.

Tana Dean
Vegan Skin and Body Care
Consultant ID#10311718


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