The Real Life of Cadbury (chocolate) Cows and Calfs

Cadbury, owned by Kraft foods as of February 2, 2010, creates a host of chocolate sweets, but, they also create pain and suffering in their inhumane treatment of cows who give their milk to create their products.

This information came to me from Viva! (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) whose undercover investigators reported the shooting of male calves in the UK shortly after being born because they are a ‘by-product’ and useless to the Cadbury chocolate industry.

I’m sure your reaction is to denounce the cruelty of these actions, but, what else can you do? Well, don’t buy Cadbury, don’t buy Kraft foods, maybe, find some non-dairy, plant based solutions to how you eat. It is only when we change that the unspeakable cruelty will end for all beings (humans too).

Compassionate eating, (plant based) even 1x a week by millions of people will create a wave of change that even the corporations could not stop. Visit this link to learn what happens to those gentle beings, cows, when you are eating your milk chocolate.

Thank You Viva! for sharing this with me.

Tana Dean
Vegan Skin and Body Care
(Consultant ID#10311718)


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