The story of safe cosmetics – what a great video!

The Story of Safe Cosmetics with Annie Leonard.

When you go to the home page of there is this wonderful video link that is a great story on the toxins in our cosmetics and body care products, how they get there and what we need to do to pressure the government and companies to begin, yes, begin to create safe guidelines. Right now, in the US, there are NO regulations.

What can you do? One thing is find companies that have signed the safe cosmetics compact at and let your representatives know that you support a safe cosmetics act be passed by Congress.

Next, you can go to my page, explore the site and order safe skin care/anti-aging product. Ask me questions, I’ll be here to answer them. I chose this company because they signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and they are vegan, focused on anti-aging, great for any age.

Safe Anti-Aging Skin/Body Care Product


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