Green Living Planet has added another eco based business

My personal goal is to do what I can to help people know their power. Power is really elusive, is it money, how many people work for you, how much you have?

When we feel power-less it limits our ability to personally change and be who we came here to be, when we feel our own natural power we know that by doing the best we can do each day and ask to be better the next day, then, we are developing our own power.

One of the ways in which I express my power is by how I spend my money each day, I do my best to spend it mindfully. In business, I work at developing businesses that are ecological, kind to animals and healthy for everyone.

You’ll find a new business added to Green Living Planet, Apriori, It has taken me years to find a skin care and body care product that, to my understanding, is doing whatever it can to create safe, healthy anti-aging beauty products and anti-aging super-antioxidant nutritional supplement juice blends.

I’m looking forward to helping others use their power when they purchase products that are good for themselves, good for the planet and good for the animals.

To your Power,
Apriori Beauty/Green Living Planet
Consultant ID#1005000


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