Changing the World for the Better One Mouthful at a Time

A few facts from Go Veggie with Paul McCartney & Viva!

Food for a Future: 35% of the world’s people can be fed on a meat-based diet. A plant diet could feed everyone – then plus some. Sir Crispin Tickell

Waste Not, Want Not: It takes about 10kg of good quality plant protein – such as wheat and soya – to produce 1kg of meat protein.

Meat is Murder: The amount of veg protein fed to the US beef herd would feed almost the entire population of India and China – yes, feed two billion people.

Veg is Best: Veg consumption is much more efficient than growing feed for meat production and dairying. WHO

From the Mouths of Babes: 90% of the UK’s animal feed protein concentrates come from poor countries – often those where children die from starvation.

Wicked Waste: Amount of grain needed to end extreme hunger – 40 million tons. Amount of grain fed to animals in the West (US) 540 million tons. United Nations

When I read facts like this I wonder why people are so resistant to being, at least, vegetarian. Having a vegan meal once a week is as easy as spaghetti with marinara sauce, some great Italian bread with a non-dairy spread, a fresh organic salad with a vinaigrette. So quick and easy. While you are sharing it with your family, reflect on the animals you saved and the children around the world who are starving (plus the ones in the US who go hungry everyday) that with every bite of this meal you are helping. It can be that easy.

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