NBA Star John Salley is a vegan!

NBA Vegan Basketball Star - John Sulley

The former professional basketball player John “Spider” Salley is the living proof that you don’t need meat to be a strong athlete. The NBA star has been a vegetarian since 1991, and just two years ago he’s decided to go vegan after discovering its numerous benefits.

The “Spider” said that he’s gone vegan because he wants to live forever. He not only cut all meat from his diet, but he also advises people everywhere on how to live healthy while being a vegan.

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Not sure about the cigar, but, we all have our ‘weaknesses’. It’s a worthwhile article with good links. I’m surprised by how many well known people are vegans and happy to see them express how it has changed their lives in a positive manner and why they chose to go through this change.

We all have our reasons.

Be healthy,
Vegan Beauty and Anti-Aging Inside and Out


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