GMO Awareness Week, Oct. 2-8, 2011

Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs – This is a week for education because when you go to the grocery store this food is not labeled. Why is GMO so different.? Well, it used to be that when someone developed a new strain of plant it could only be crossed with another plant(s). NOT ANYMORE! GMO means that plants can be crossed with other species, they are a cross species development, they can use things, such as, human, rat, cockroach, flea, dog, cat, ant, beetle, cow, pig… you get the idea.

So, that corn you are eating, which the majority of corn is now GMO, in the United States, can be created from multiple species, not plant to plant. Do you really want to go to the grocery store and not know what you are buying?

The agri-business, years ago, got laws passed that they do NOT have to label GMO foods. I know I want to know what I’m eating, don’t you?

Eat NON-GMO food!

Healthy eating for all of us, demand that GMO’s be labeled,




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