Learning to be Thankful everyday – and enjoying an animal free food day

Thankfulness and gratitude takes practice and I’ve learned how much difference it can make each day. It helps us move through those days that are just ‘bad’ days, because, bad days are going to happen and bad times will be with us, in different forms. It’s what we call life.

That’s why practicing thankfulness and gratitude each day will helps us remember, as we are challenged, on so many different levels. Acceptance and how we face adversity is what makes the difference in how it affects us. We can feel powerless and be negative, or we can know that this is part of our life’s journey. It is in our power to change our circumstances and do the best we can.

During this Thanksgiving week I’m grateful for so much around me. Those who care and love me, my warm home, the car that I drive, the job that I have. My family, my old dogs…the list goes on. With practice, even on those, oh so difficult days, I’ve learned to find something to say Thank You for.

This Thanksgiving will be the 3rd one that will also be animal free, no turkey, ham, chicken. Only plant food because I’m thankful for those beautiful beings and send them loving peace and the opportunity to be treated with the respect and caring they deserve.

Lovely Thanksgiving thoughts to all,
Green Living Planet


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