We Deserve to know What Is In and How Our food is Made

The Organic Consumers Association has created an avenue for you to speak up. Join Millions Against Monsanto, when you open this link you’ll be directed to a map of the US where you can send your state representatives a letter stating that you want legislation introduced and passed to stop Monsanto from continuing to feed us GMO food without having to label it.

Across the world when people are given the CHOICE (in the US we are NOT given the choice) of buying GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) or not they choose to NOT buy them. Join with millions across the planet that are working to stop this corporate giant/bully from taking complete control of our food source without any responsibility for whatever side effects, diseases, death and environmental destruction that GMOs pose.

Let your legislators know that you are have the  right to know what is in your food, commit to creating a safer, healthier world for you, your children and your planet.


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