Expanding Our Discussion and Belief Systems Through Book Clubs

This year I wanted to expand my knowledge and awareness in some way and one of the choices is by joining a book club that will be reading books on Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and Mahavir. An opportunity for those involved to learn how these spiritual teachers messages intertwine.

The book club takes place at Lighthouse Center Inc., in Whitmore Lake, MI, my spiritual home. I’m looking forward to the discussions, where we can all share what we have taken from these books, we can discuss our different opinions, we will not all agree, but we will learn from one another, this is part of the joy from reading and discussing – it helps all of us grow. Creating a safe place where we can discuss and share our ideas helps us learn to be open to others opinions and beliefs.

Although I haven’t written about my spiritual life it continues to become a larger part of me and has been an integral part of developing my Green Living Planet blog, writing my book and developing businesses that are in harmony with what I work at practicing each day.

For thousands of years this planet has created wars to advance and force religious opinions on one another, and yet, as I study the different ideologies and philosophies there is so much that is similar. The journey begins with one step – this is a small step, but, growth, understanding and acceptance must begin somewhere, and why not in this community. Discussions that have extremely diverse opinions are difficult, but, it is our opinion, it is our reality – our discomfort comes from the disturbance of our chosen reality.

I’m looking forward to reading these books, to be open and enjoy the ideas that will be shared in this group. Perhaps in your community you could begin a book club that will read books with different religious and spiritual ideas. You never know, there may be something that will resonate with your reality that will allow you to be more open and communicate easier with others who do not share your specific beliefs.

Peace and Acceptance,



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