We Want to Know What is in Our Food – Just Label It

Sometimes that ray of hope rises when you wonder if people will use their voices to change something. The ray of hope right now is the following article where the goal is 1 million voices telling the FDA that people in America want what others around the planet have and that is labeling food that contains GMO’s. I want to go into a store and know what is in the food I’m buying so I can make an informed choice and I’ll bet you want that too.

If you do, then read the following article from JustLabelIt.org, sign the petition and send it along to your friends.



The past week has been incredible, and it’s all because of you.

More than 750,000 people have sent comments to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) demanding the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.

This past October, when people like you – parents, farmers, health care professionals, and other concerned citizens – came together to launch this campaign, we only dreamed we would come so far, so quickly. It just goes to show how incredible our collective voice is and how out of step the FDA is with the desires of the American public.

You made this happen. It was thousands of people like you telling their friends and family about this issue that’s made this campaign such a success. Just last week, you succeeded in convincing MoveOn.org to promote Eric Schlosser and Gary Hirshberg’s petition on SignOn.org. In less than 36 hours, more than 200,000 people signed the petition to the FDA via SignOn.org – and brought us one step closer to our goal of one million comments.

You’re building a movement of people who care how their food is produced. This issue crosses partisan and ideological lines. Over 90 percent of Americans – left, right, and center – support labeling genetically engineered foods. Five hundred organizational allies from diverse perspectives have also partnered with us on this campaign.

At Just Label It, we’ve been working hard to create a big tent with many voices, all with a common ask of our government – label genetically engineered foods so we can make informed decisions. It’s our right. It’s time that the United States joins the more than 40 countries that require genetically engineered foods to be labeled.

Thank you for everything that you’ve done to help us get to 750,000 comments.

With deep gratitude,

– Naomi, Alex, Nancy, Sue, and the entire Just Label It team


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