Join Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Current Global Obesity Fact:

  • Currently obesity in the US costs $10,273,973 per hour. By 2030 obesity is predicted to cost $15,753,425 per hour.*
  • Globally, obesity related illnesses count for as many deaths in young and middle aged adults as HIV/AIDS.**
  • Diet related diseases are two of the top 5 causes of premature death globally**

Sources: * The Lancet | ** WHO

Join the revolution! Sign this petition and watch the video…The goal 1,000,000 voices to be strong and let the food companies know that what they are selling to us is not good enough.

I signed, now I’m asking you to sign.

Launched April 11 2011: It’s not just soda that’s full of sugar. Kids are getting it from the chocolate and strawberry milk they drink at school every day. Chocolate milk has the same amount of sugar as a soft drink and just one additional soft drink per day increases a child’s obesity risk by 60% and is a major contributor to Type 2 diabetes. Plain white milk doesn’t have any added sugar. Join the Food Revolution in asking schools to promote plain, white milk instead.


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