Food for Thought – April 2012

From: VegNews online for April 2012
All these years we were told we NEEDED meat to live and now we find out it’s really shortening our lives.

It saddens me that states are passing laws that will prosecute those who bring our awareness to the extreme cruelty animals suffer before they are slaughtered, but, something is happening as some of the larger fast food chains are responding to people who choose to eat meat but want sentient animals treated humanely.

It is our voices and food choices that will create a humane and compassionate world!


Eating Red Meat Increases Risk of Death
A new study published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that the consumption of red meat may be deadly. Surveying more than 121,000 adults over a 28-year period, scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health found that individuals who ate an extra serving of red meat each day were 13 percent more likely to face premature death than subjects who ate plant-based proteins. Additionally, individuals who ate more processed red meat products, such as bacon or hot dogs, were 20 percent more likely to die early.

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States Pass Ag-Gag Bill
In March, Iowa and Utah became the first two states to pass ag-gag laws—legislation aimed at protecting agricultural interests by deterring undercover investigations on factory farms. Under Iowa’s new law, people who gain access to a farm under false pretenses, such as by lying on a job application, will face criminal charges. Less than three weeks after the Iowa Senate approved the legislation, Utah followed suit, passing a bill that criminalizes the act of documenting agricultural operations without permission. Though state lawmakers continue to introduce similar bills across the country, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida have all recently rejected proposed ag-gag legislation.
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Wendy’s Implements New Welfare Standards
Following in the footsteps of fellow fast-food giant McDonald’s, national burger chain Wendy’s has vowed to improve welfare standards at its chicken and pork suppliers. On March 23, the company announced that its pork sources will soon begin phasing out the use of gestation crates—a pledge also made by McDonald’s in February. Additionally, one of the chain’s major chicken suppliers is pioneering what it says is a more humane method of stunning chickens, using a low-atmospheric pressure system rather than electric shocks to render chickens unconscious before slaughter.Image

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