the power of our plate to help change our lives and our world for the better

Copy of an email that came to me from the Food Revolution Summit – The other night I took the time to listen to 2 of these interviews, Dr. Campbell and Dr Barnard. What an education! I will be ordering a set for myself (I do not receive any monies from this). Read and decide for your yourself. Information is power, action creates results.
The Food Revolution Summit has been a huge success, with over 32,000 listeners from all over the world.

Be sure to take all the inspiring sessions and  information home with you. Your special discount ends tomorrow!

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Dr. Dean Ornish started things off by telling us many people have the belief that there’s a false choice between
what’s GOOD for us and what’s FUN for us.  But it’s not true!  Better diet can lead to BETTER SEX and MORE
ENERGY and a happier life!

Dr. Mercola told us that Teflon and other coated non-stick pans are totally toxic. As soon as you heat them, the coating starts to vaporize. We know those vapors are toxic because if you heat them in a confined space with a canary, the canary can die. WOW!

As you might imagine, I grew up in a family that talked about food a lot.  I’ve been editing my dad’s books since I was a teen-ager, and a focus on healthy diet has always been central in my life.  But I’ll be honest with you, even I’ve learned a lot of new things at this Summit.  

As the interviews unfold, I keep being amazed by how much the experts know about the links between diet and health, between our food and our world.  It turns out that our food choices are one of the most potent leverage points we have for reclaiming our health, and for making a positive impact on the world around us.

This is a place where we can in one fell swoop increase our quality of life, increase our longevity, reduce our risk of heart disease and cancer, and also contribute to a healthier, more humane, and more sustainable world.

I am moving on from this Summit more fired up than ever about the power of our plate to help change our lives and our world for the better.

I’m sure you agree that some of the information has been downright disturbing:

GMO’s, long touted as an answer to poverty and hunger, are turning out to really be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s an attempted consolidation of power and money by big agrichemical companies – with disturbing implications for our soil, our health, and our farmers.

Dr. Vandana Shiva told us that Monsanto’s GMO cotton now dominates 95% of the Indian cotton industry, and that since Monsanto’s takeover, 250,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide.

Jeffrey Smith told us that there’s disturbing scientific evidence that GMO soy may be linked to an increase in food allergies. And it’s also documented that rates of food allergies in the UK rose by 50% shortly after Genetically Modified soy was introduced…

The most important thing you need to do now is STAY EMPOWERED!

The Food Revolution Empowerment Package is a complete collection of the audio RECORDINGS and TRANSCRIPTS of all 23 life-changing interviews, plus an extraordinary collection of FR*EE BONUS GIFTS valued at more than $300!!

BONUS GIFTS from summit presenters include some generous goodies like webinars with T. Colin Campbell, a 6 week gold membership in Dr. Fuhrman’s health program, many inspiring e-books and recipe books, a free year’s membership in the Green Polka Dot Box natural and organic buyer’s collective, and a LOT MORE.

We’ve got a special discount just for you but it goes away tomorrow, so ACT NOW!

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The information these speakers have shared is revolutionary, and based on your requests we plan to continue sharing their message long after the Summit completes.  Towards that end, we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks to offer resources that we hope can support your journey of health and contribution.

We hope we can count on your continued partnership as we carry the Food Revolution forward in our lives and in our world.

Ocean RobbinsWe wish you radiant health, abundant happiness, and good, nutritious food!

Ocean Robbins Signature

Ocean RobbinsP.S. This deal will be gone as soon as the summit ends tomorrow. Act now to get your FR*EE BONUS GIFTS and a HUGE savings on all the recordings and transcripts!

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