Does Monsanto have more rights than 90% of the people in Vermont?

I’m sharing this email because it’s just hard for me to believe that Monsanto has more rights than 90% of the people in Vermont who want their genetically modified food labeled. Isn’t labeling our food a fair practice? Don’t people have a right to know what they are buying in the grocery store? Apparently Monsanto doesn’t, but, as you read this email you will find out that 27 European Union nations, as well as Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia and China have labels on their GMOs.

This is not even about banning, it is about labeling. It’s like the pink slime that recently was on the news in ground meat, they used ammonia to process this meat. Don’t you think people should feel safe and have a choice about what they are buying. Well, read on and participate in Millions Against Monsanto!



Connecticut had the potential to become the first US state to require the labeling of genetically modified (GMO) foods.  But two days ago, the Governor stripped GMO labeling from a new bill that was supported by 90% of the residents of the state and a majority of the legislature on both sides of the aisle.

CT GMO BillRepresentative Richard Roy, one of the bill’s original sponsors, says:

“The labeling provision was eliminated from the bill due to fears that it opened the state up to a lawsuit. The attorneys for the leadership and Governor’s office felt the Constitutional rights of Monsanto gave them the power to successfully sue the state. Their main duty was to protect the welfare of the state.”

We’re not talking about banning GMO’s here.  We’re talking about labeling them.  Something that’s already been mandated in all 27 European Union nations, as well as Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia and China.

As Summit speaker Jeffrey Smith’s Institute for Responsible Technology said in an action alert: “Governor Malloy chose to put the interests of the monstrous biotech industry in front of the rights of the people of Connecticut.”

A Food Revolution is No Small Endeavor

We’re all swimming upstream much of the time.

Life span of foodMost of us live in an environment where eating junk food is considered normal, and eating healthy food is considered weird.  Where you can buy a candy bar at almost any store, but you sometimes have to travel for miles to get a fresh piece of spinach.

It’s not easy to be a food revolutionary.  But it has never been more important.

 “We have changed our eating habits. Buying from Farmers market in season and trying to buy produce as near to home as possible the rest of the time. Eating almost no processed food.  Thank you for your work on behalf of our food!” — Jan Martin

Time to Take Action

If you learned anything in the Food Revolution Summit, and hopefully you learned a lot, then now is a great time to put it into practice.

So, to support you taking action, here are a few resources (more will be coming soon!):

1) Check out the Institute for Responsible Technology, a great resource to help you take effective action on GMO labeling.

2) Participate in Food Revolution Day on May 19.  Join with schools, businesses, chefs, restaurants and food lovers in celebration of local, fresh food, and better food education in our schools.  (This program is not directly affiliated with the Food Revolution Summit or Network, but we thought you might want to know about it.)

3) Join my dad, John Robbins, and me for Living The Food Revolution, an interactive online course starting June 6 that is designed to help you take the information and inspiration of this Summit and put it into action in your life.  Find out more here.

And most importantly, take a look at your life, take a look at your vision, and think of something you can do, that will be a step towards the life you want.

As Kathy Freston said in our interview with her, “It’s all about leaning into it, leaning forward.  I just take one step at a time, and keep moving in a good direction.”

Ocean Robbins

Yours for a thriving and beautiful world,

Ocean Signature

Ocean Robbins

PS – Check out Living The Food Revolution, an interactive online course offered by my dad and me that starts June 6.


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