Mercy for Animals, Make a Choice at Each Meal to Save Others from Abuse

Mercy For Animals

Nathan Runkle is the Founder and Executive Director of Mercy For Animals (MFA). Raised on a farm in rural Ohio, he has long had a deep connection to farmed animals. In 1999, after a local farmed animal abuse case involving a piglet killed during an agriculture project at a nearby high school, Nathan founded MFA to give farmed animals a much-needed advocate in his community.

Nathan says he made the connection between his beloved dog Sadie, for whom he would do anything to protect from harm, and the farmed animals who cannot escape the horrors of animal agribusiness. He realized that by going vegan, he could be part of the solution.  He says, “I came to understand that every time I sat down to eat I was making a choice that would not only affect my own health, but have a profound impact on the lives of animals.”

MFA has since become a national force fighting for the respectful and compassionate treatment of farmed animals. Mercy For Animals is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Animal Rights 2012 National Conference taking place August 2-5 just outside of Washington, DC.

Find out more about Mercy For Animals.
And sign up for AR2012 at

From: Meatout Mondays, July 17, 2012


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