Thousands of doctors now advising patients to stop eating GMOs

This is great news, IF you can find food that is non-GMO! If it’s not organic, then, you really don’t know. But, people must continue to change their eating habits to stop Monsanto from bullying ALL of us into eating their patented food. Here is an article by Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director of Institute for Responsible Technology. He has been in the forefront for years educating people about GMOs and an advocate for stopping them.

Dramatic Health Recoveries Reported
By Patients Who Took Their Doctors Advice and Stopped Using GMO Foods
by Jeffrey Smith in Vitality magazine

Are genetically modified (GM) foods making you sick – I mean really sick? Up until recently, all that we could say was thank goodness you’re not a lab rat; GM feed messes them up big time. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) appear to trigger the immune systems of both mice and rats as if they were under attack. In addition, the gastrointestinal system is adversely affected, animals age more quickly, and vital organs are damaged. When fed GM foods, lab animals can also become infertile, have smaller or sterile offspring, increased infant mortality, and even hair growing in their mouths. Have I got your attention?

Biotechnology corporations such as Monsanto try to distort or deny the evidence, sometimes pointing to their own studies that supposedly show no reactions. But when scientists such as French toxicologist G.E. Seralini re-­analyzed Monsanto’s raw data, it actually showed that the rats fed GM corn suffered from clear signs of toxicity – evidence that industry scientists skillfully overlooked.

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Please read this article to the end, where you will find this important piece:

The tipping point threshold is likely to require only about five percent of consumers.

A critical vote in California this November may accelerate the non-GMO revolution. A measure requiring mandatory labeling of GMOs is on the ballot. If passed, we think food companies would rather avoid GMOs than admit they use them. Especially since 53 percent of Americans say they would choose the non-GMO brands once labels give them a clear choice.


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