Support California Prop 37 for mandatory GMO labeling in Calfornia, the US and World will benefit!

I received this email, please support, share, encourage others. After Monsanto bullied the Vermont legislature into not passing a bill it is ONLY THE CONSUMERS WHO WILL REALLY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!! YES… YOU!!!! We have the right, our health, the planet’s health that needs to have GMOs labeled. The tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs is near, so, vote and support this bill for ALL OF US.


Let’s be absolutely clear.

The most important thing in the world of GMOs is the

Matching donation will support California’s GMO labeling Prop 37 Campaign
Donate to – Institute for Responsible Technology – Tax deductible
Donate to – IRT’s Food Policy Fund  Not tax deductible

California Prop 37 campaign for mandatory labeling. It may be the most important opportunity in the history of our GMO activism. Why?

We are already seeing strong signs of a tipping point of consumer rejection against GMOs in the US. Labeling GMOs could push it over the edge. In fact we’ve already heard that some industry folks say that if Prop 37 passes, they would rather remove genetically engineered ingredients than admit they use them. I think that’s a great idea. After all, most Americans say they would avoid GMOs if labeled. Furthermore, GMOs offer no consumer benefit.

And companies are NOT going to create a separate label and product just for California. Everyone in America could benefit from a flood of healthier non-GMO choices. But it gets better.

If labeling and consumer education about health risks inspires US food companies to stop using GM ingredients here—like they already have in Europe—my hope is that the two-decades-long love affair between Monsanto and Washington, D.C. will take a big hit. And that could shake the world. Up till now, the US government has bullied other nations into accepting useless and dangerous GMOs. But rejection of GM foods by US consumers and food companies could change all that.

Without US pressure, the world might finally be ready to admit that the technology has failed to live up to its promises, is fraught with dangerous side effects, and needs to be withdrawn. So this vote could be the fast-track to a healthier food supply for everyone.

No wonder Monsanto just added $4.2 million to the $20 million fund that will be used to try to trick Californians into voting against their own self-interest. We must all do our part to make sure they don’t succeed.

Please dig deep and give what you can. This is absolutely critical.

For every tax-deductible dollar donated to the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) for general GMO education in California, will donate a dollar directly to the California Right to Know campaign. Or, if you don’t need a tax deduction, you can contribute to our political campaign organization, IRT’s Food Policy Fund, and it will also be matched by

Donate Now

Donate to – Institute for Responsible Technology – Tax deductible
Donate to – IRT’s Food Policy Fund – Not tax deductible

In a coming email, we’ll share more details about our strategy in California, which we’ve kept private. But know that it’s been our number one priority for a year. And for very good reasons.
Together we can help pass Prop 37 this November!


Jeffrey M. Smith

And Institute for Responsible Technology Food Policy Fund Staff


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