Vegan Skin and Body Care

I spend a lot of time on food, but, another area that is so important for our health, being dis-ease free and creating a sustainable planet is using skin and body care products that do not use animal products or by-products and do use safe ingredients. I Love learning about food and how it can create a healthy lifestyle, but, if I continue to use products on my skin or supplements that are not manufactured with the highest standards, then again, I defeat the purpose of eating healthy food.

I’ve used a vegan certified product since 1998 and am always excited about sharing the benefits of vegan skin and body care with others. You want to know what is in the products you use and you should be willing to spend some time understanding what is safe. Cosmetic and skin care manufacturers do not always have your health in mind when they are creating products, they do create products geared to your deep desire to feel and look beautiful.  In the US chemicals can be used that have not been tested for safety, however, in the European Union they have very strict standards about what is used in products manufactured and sold their.

If you would like to learn more about a pure, safe and beneficial, vegan certified skin and body care product line you can visit, on this blog: Vegan Skin and Body Care, email: or Twitter: @greenlvgplanet. Sharing what I learn to help others live healthy, peaceful lives and do what I can for the planet is why I write this blog.


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