Dr. Weil’s 7 reasons for daily meditation

I find meditation sooooo helpful in so many ways and have practiced it for decades. When I don’t do it, after a few days, I really notice the difference in my ability to handle all that is needed in my busy days.

I also think it keeps me more open to ideas, inspiration and makes me a more compassionate person. There are so many ways to meditate, this is just one from Dr. Weil.

Meditate Each Day, Keep the Doctor Away?
Published: 10/1/2012

Meditation is simply directed concentration, and involves learning to focus your awareness and direct it onto an object: your breath, a phrase or word repeated silently, a memorized inspirational passage, or an image in the mind’s eye. The benefits of meditation are numerous, and include:


  1. Helping to lower blood pressure
  2. Decreasing heart and respiratory rates
  3. Increasing blood flow
  4. Enhancing immune function
  5. Reducing perception of pain and relieving chronic pain due to arthritis and other disorders
  6. Maintaining level mood
  7. Bringing awareness and mindfulness to everyday aspects of life

It has also been shown to help relieve irritable bowel syndrome and hot flashes. A simple form of meditation that can be practiced by anyone is to walk or sit quietly in a natural setting and allow your thoughts and sensations to occur, observing them without judgment.


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