How is it your dinner plate can change the world?

What if…we could create measurable, noticeable planetary change by eating dinner every night. One where children were not starving, people had what they needed, farmers grew crops that created health and wellness without creating pain and cruelty and water was abundant. It seems like an impossible reality. How could dinner make a difference, it’s just dinner, we go through our day and at night make a dinner, sit down and eat. How could that change the world?

Did you know that if the whole planet ate a western diet (American), it would take 2 planets to feed us. Perhaps we need to be courageous enough to change our eating habits so others don’t starve, animals don’t cry out in pain and our mother earth can begin to heal. Plant based eating is the most powerful action each of us can personally take to address starvation, climate change, cruelty in all its forms and begin a deep spiritual healing on this planet.

Lately I’ve been reading more about plant based eating. Plant based and vegan basically are the same. The medical community seems to use the term plant based. It’s….eating plants, pretty simple. No animals, in any form. No chicken, meat, fish, dairy or eggs.

Vegan adds the practice of not using animals for clothing, furniture, cars…to choose not to use animals in any form in our daily lives. At least these are the differences I’ve noticed.

I didn’t come to plant based eating quickly, it has been a process. For many years I was a vegetarian and, as the years pass, I know that my health, strength and sense of life force are strong, and I feel that much of it is due to my life choices, particularly diet.

Change is difficult, perhaps for you it’s creating a plant based meal 1x per week and adding nights as you begin to enjoy the process of knowing the great power and positive changes your dinner is creating each time you sit down to eat. Know that when you are eating plants you are helping others around the planet, silencing someones painful cries and giving the planet a moments breath. Use the power of your dinner plate to change the world!


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