Take Action: Trader Joe’s – sell antibiotic free meat 365 days a year, not just for Thanksgiving

Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

Gobble, or not to gobble?

Stopping the overuse of antibiotics in turkeys and other food animals means getting grocers to stop selling drugged poultry, beef and pork. Tell Trader Joe’s to lead the way year-round in saving our antibiotics for when we really need them!

Take action

As you know, we’ve asked Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on a diet of antibiotics. A half-million consumers have signed on to our campaign!

Trader Joe’s clearly knows that shoppers want to safeguard antibiotics by buying meat raised without them. Again this year, Trader Joe’s is selling only no-antibiotic turkeys for Thanksgiving.

That’s a great way to get shoppers into the store for their big Thanksgiving food-buying binge, but to have real impact we need grocers to stop selling antibiotic meat year-round, not just during the holidays.

Talk turkey to Trader Joe’s. Ask them to commit to no-antibiotic meat 365 days a year!

Most factory-farms these days pump animals full of antibiotics so they can be raised in unsanitary conditions. That in turn makes antibiotics less effective, and contributes to the growing crop of antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ in humans.

The best way to get producers to stop overusing drugs is if major grocery chains refuse to stock and sell their antibiotic-raised poultry, beef and pork. Trader Joe’s is a progressive grocer, and is likely to respond to what shoppers want.

If you already signed our petition to Trader Joe’s, that’s OK. Help us again by sending this holiday message now and create a healthier future for your family!

This Thanksgiving tell Trader Joe’s to lead the way year-round in preserving our antibiotics!

Thank you for taking action. And if you have friends and family who would add their voices to yours, please forward this message to them.


Jean Halloran,


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