Personal finances bring personal benefits – health, wealth and happiness

I’ve been following this great blog by:

About Schalk

Official research: power generation with integrated CO2 capture. Unofficial research (and blog material): happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable living. Avid student of global environmental, economic and social issues. Firm believer in solutions based on personal responsibility regarding health, finances, productivity and charity.


Someone who is truly committed on many levels to help others create a life that integrates personal responsibility and the many benefits that can bring. This entry discusses the integration of:

  • Health – increase in functionality of body/mind and longevity
  • Wealth – increase in earning power and financial resilience
  • Happiness – joy of day-to-day living and overall life satisfaction

He actually creates easy, simple steps that you can apply to create more joy in your life each day and financial stability that will take you through these tough times and create the benefits you want when the economy shifts.

His articles are short, easy to read and well linked. Enjoy…

Personal Finances: Personal Benefits



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