Why is vegan skin care important?

vegancertWe all want to look our best! And the cosmetics and skin care industry know how important it is to women and men. They will use our need to look great and feel beautiful to sell us product that many (and I think most times) are not healthy for us, harmful to the planet and cause cruelty to animals.

For years I have been devoted to using and finding skin care and cosmetics that are healthy, safe, affordable and that work, it’s difficult. People know that I like to look my best and come to me with products that they would like me to use. But, so many times as I look at the ingredients I’m so disappointed because they are unsafe. Or, find that they use animal products.

cowRecently I was fooled by a statement that said ‘no animal products are used in this product’. How excited I was, but, then found that this statement means that they can use animal by-products – milk, eggs – anything that does not come from a dead animal. So I now know that the statement needs to say, no animal products or by-products used in this product.

I did use the product for awhile, knowing that it used milk, I wanted it to make me look beautiful. However, after some time I just felt uncomfortable, I knew that they were not using milk from farms where the cows were grass fed, free range and treated humanely. I knew that I was using a product with milk from factory farms where animals are treated in cruel and inhumane ways. So, I stopped and went back to a product I’ve used for years.

These conscious decisions that all of us can make are what will create change in how corporations offer us product. When you look for and purchase vegan skin care and cosmetics you are sending a clear message with your purchasing power that you deserve, your family deserves, the animals deserve and the planet deserves product that is beneficial to all that inhabit this planet and the planet itself.

This website does have a page to a product, Arbonne, that is vegan certified and does follow the most stringent safety protocols available for skin care and cosmetics. And, you can order from me (use independent consultant ID#10311718 – Tana Dean), if you like, you can also contact me and ask questions.

Whether you use this product or another vegan skin care or cosmetic product, look for safe, healthy and vegan products. Use plant-based, vegan product!





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