Thank You – Thailand Announces End to Ivory Trade

Don’t doubt the strength of your voice, it supported 4.1 million other voices to stop the ivory trade in Thailand.
World Wildlife Fund, and Leonardo DiCaprio Thank You!!!
The few minutes you took and committed to the elephants worked.

It’s nice to send out some good news and know that a commitment to helping others matters and our voices together can create positive change on this planet.

Read and enjoy!!!


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Conservation Action Network: Be the voice for those who have no voice

Thailand Announces End to Ivory Trade

Thailand Prime Minister Shinawatra Your voice was heard.

Thailand takes an enormous step forward in the fight to stop wildlife crime.

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Dear Tana,

Today is a brighter day for the world’s elephants.

With support from WWF Board Member Leonardo DiCaprio, the campaigning group and all of you, we helped secure a commitment from Thailand’s prime minister to end the trade of ivory in Thailand.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra stood before a crowded hall of delegates attending an international wildlife trade meeting and told the world that she would take steps to end the ivory trade in her country. This commitment would close a major global loophole that contributes to tens of thousands of elephant deaths every year.

It was a decision that did not come easily, and would not have happened if not for you. You were part of a 1.4 million-strong petition urging her to stand up for elephants and ban Thai ivory trade.

This is an enormous step forward in the fight to stop wildlife crime.

WWF will continue to work to ensure that today’s promise becomes a reality. We are urging the Thai government to provide a detailed timeline outlining the steps they will take to follow through on this pledge.

I urge you to take a moment to read more at about the historic decision that you helped to make happen.

Thank you for all you do to support conservation.


Ginette Hemley

Ginette Hemley
Senior Vice President
Conservation Strategy and Science
World Wildlife Fund

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