2 New blogs to check out – Global Explorer Club and Get Your Eco On

Blogging with the planet!

Blogging with the planet!

I Love to blog, it’s exciting to share information, to learn and it expands whatever I’m passionate about. Lately I’ve been exploring other blogs and many of them find mine, they comment, do pingbacks and then there are more followers. It’s fun, exciting and keeps me writing.

The Global Explorer Club is one of the sites I just spent some time with and what fun! Their videos are made for those of us who may not make it to all of the places we would like to travel to on the planet, or who are just too attached to our things and lives that we couldn’t imagine giving them up to live in a new country every six months. Travel with them and enjoy.

Then there is Get Your Eco On, a site that is similar to mine where we are exploring and learning to live a healthy life that practices ahimsa (non-violence toward all beings) by practicing plant-based eating and caring deeply about the treatment of animals and protection of endangered species, the beings of this planet need our voices, commitment, money and time.

Exploring blogs is something that I’m just learning and taking time to do. I’m astounded at the breadth of our imaginations. Our ability to create new ways to communicate and expand our interconnection in a peaceful and creative manner. The people who follow my blog are from other blogs,  facebook and twitter. They come from all over the planet. People I will never meet or speak with except through the sharing of ideas in this relatively new medium.

The positive potential is grand in that we can choose to share subjects that will expand our knowledge, dampen the darkness and create kind, considerate people, yes, I’m an optimist and in this virtual world I do meet nice, intelligent, sharing people. I look forward to exploring more as I read more blogs. To everyone…may you enjoy your journey.


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