Stop Congress from Chopping Funding for Conservation

From: World Wildlife Fund, Be the Voice for those Who Have No Voice.

It is with our many voices raised into singular notes that we can help those in need and by doing that, change how we view our own individual power. Signing this will benefit the food and water supplies which will mean our resources can be spent on needed planetary benefits; clean energy, creating clean, safe food and water and stop the illegal trades that siphon off jobs and limit our earning capacity.

The timber industry is just one example of illegal trade that cost the US $1 billion dollars a year (this affects our jobs). This program does not cost that and will help stop this illegal trade.

Link for complete information to the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation Action Network. Leonardo DiCaprio (WWF board member) will be thankful for your action.

Stop Congress from Chopping Funding for Conservation


Take action today.

Congress is poised to significantly cut federal spending. Make sure your leaders know conservation’s importance to you and our national interests.

Take Action


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