Plant-based/Vegan Skin Care and Plant a Tree in April

Representing a company that is committed to helping the environment is a joy to me and I’ve begun working with a company that is carbon neutral and for the month of April will plant a tree. When you purchase product this month you can donate $1 and a tree will be planted and to make it even better they will match your $1 and plant a tree. So, you can plant 2 trees for $1. Here is my personal link:

It’s nice to be able to offer something that is wonderful and my favorite product is the Intuitive ProYouth skin care, I’ve been having wonderful results and you will too, plus it’s a plant-based, vegan system. Every INTUITIV ProYouth skin care product includes what’s good for skin—scientifically proven plant actives, vitamins and minerals that hydrate, protect, nourish, illuminate, firm and increase skin’s elasticity. And the products DO NOT contain animal products, parabens, PEGs, sulfates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance and other irritants. They are committed to sustainability in their ingredients, manufacturing and packaging choices—allowing you to make a choice that’s right for your skin and the Earth.

So, take a look, if you would like a sample, please connect with me and I’ll ship you a 3-day sample.


In its lifetime, a single tree will release over 32.5 tons of pure oxygen into the atmosphere, while it absorbs and sequesters over 6 tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. In one year, an acre of trees can absorb the CO2 produced by a car driven 26,000 miles.

Introducing the Ethos Plant-A-Tree Program.
Now, every time you contribute an extra dollar when you check out of your Shopping Cart at a tree will be planted on your behalf by American Forests.

Think of it. For just $1, you can do something that will make a real and lasting difference for our planet—and for future generations. The trees planted by American Forests help protect and restore forests throughout the US and in 38 countries where forests have been damaged by human activity.

We’ll match every tree you plant in April!
To show our commitment to the program, Bioceutica will match all contributions made by Customers and Independent Consultants for the month of April. Which means that every dollar you contribute this month will result in two trees being planted.

To contribute, simply click on the “Plant-A-Tree” option in your online shopping cart during check out. Or click here to plant one right now!

Together we can make a difference and help preserve the health of our planet.

Blogging with the planet!

Trees for the planet!


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