Sustainable environment for all – this is why you should sign this petition

A tree that is not growing in it’s natural environment, a biotechnology that will be put out to the winds with no control, 8″ of topsoil between us and extinction and corporate greed that has no limits.

Perhaps you should check your stock portfolio to see if it includes ArborGen and pull it and let them know why, this is really powerful!

How will short term greed serve the planet and all the beings living here in the future? Our children and grand children will be inheriting all of this. Your singular voice together with others is a powerful way to create change that will benefit everyone. Sign this petition, I did.


Tell USDA to Reject GE Eucalyptus

The USDA is considering approval of genetically engineered eucalyptus trees for commercial production.

Tell the feds to reject these risky GE trees!

Tree biotechnology company ArborGen is requesting an unprecedented USDA approval: a genetically engineered (GE) “freeze tolerant” eucalyptus tree to be grown in seven southeastern states, and possibly the Pacific Northwest.
If approved, this will be the first GE forest tree to be commercially grown in the U.S. Paper and biofuel companies are planning on growing these trees on intensively managed monoculture tree plantations.

Help prevent these Frankentrees from taking over our forests!

Eucalyptus trees are not native to North America, are harmful to native wildlife, and they’ve already become invasive in California. Industry plans to plant millions of these GE eucalyptus in ecosystems and climates that have never supported eucalyptus in the past. Fragile ecosystems and a host of endangered plant and animal species could be threatened by such large scale GE eucalyptus plantations.

Instead of focusing on unproven biotechnologies that will benefit a few large corporations, our goal should be the sustainable management of our nation’s forests for the benefit of all.

Tell the feds to reject this genetically engineered eucalyptus!

Center for Food Safety
660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, #302
Washington DC 20003
phone (202) 547-9359 | fax (202) 547-9429
Contact Us:


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