Spinach and Egg on Toast with Lemon Sauce

As a practicing vegan sometimes I just want an egg and I ALWAYS purchase free range which is different than cage free. Cage free hens are still in buildings, close quarters, they do not get to be free roaming chickens that can create relationships. Still lots of disease and sick chickens.

Free range means that they are out in the air and sunshine scratching, clucking and being with other hens.

I have been developing recipes and will begin sharing them, many of them are completely plant-based, some may have cheese or egg, I have been able to completely supplement the dairy with almond milk which I find a wonderful substitute. My biggest disappointment with some plant-based (vegan) recipes is that they may not have the taste we are craving as we begin our journey towards non-violence towards ALL beings (plant-based/vegan lifestyles).

The parenthesis are the products I’m using in the recipes and, to me, the product is the difference between a so-so dish and something that anyone will enjoy. If you can’t find these products in your store, go online or find the best substitutes you can.

DSCN1374Spinach and Egg on Toast with Lemon Sauce
(for 1)

1 piece of bread (Seeduction from Whole Foods – you want a heavy, deeper tasting fiber bread)
Handful of baby spinach, cut up for easier eating (organic, if possible)
Buttery spread (earth balance organic)
1 tbs mayo (Veganaise, no egg)
Small slice of lemon

Place the spinach in a non-stick pan (or spray a pan with non-stick oil), add a small amount of water plus 1/2 tsp buttery spread. As the spinach begins to cook turn the heat down to med low and cook for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Put bread in the toaster. Mix the mayo with the lemon – to taste (I like it lemony, reminds me of Hollandaise sauce).

When the spinach is done remove from pan and set aside. In same pan cook the egg, over easy.

While the egg is cooking, butter the toast, put some of the mayo lemon sauce on the toast, place spinach on top. When egg is cooked place the egg on top of everything and then the remainder of the sauce. Wonderful breakfast!

Tana Dean
Representing vegan skin and health care





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