Look beyond the marketing – The Scarecrow video – ‘power of one’

scarecrowEach of us makes choices everyday in how and what we eat!

The food corporations certainly demand in their advertising that their way is the only and best way to eat, they really don’t give you much choice as they place hundreds (maybe thousands, for all I know) of ads daily on the media showing juicy, tasty meat dishes.

As you learn more about food corporations you will begin to notice that they are not here for our health, although that is what they tout, they are not here to create safe food because no one is watching them closely, they feel nothing towards the animals that are born, live and die in abusive and excruciating painful environments, no,…they are here to make a profit.

Here are 3 suggestions where you have control…more than the mega food corporations do.

  1. Being educated about food – not from the mega food corporations
  2. Eating healthy plant-based food, organic as much as possible
  3. Growing your own food – even if it’s a little

With 75% of the agricultural land being used on the planet for people’s voracious appetite for animals there are many reasons to eat a plant-based diet.

Watch this video…then pass it on:


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