World Food Prize going to GMO Executives

Today at 1:21 PM
The Food Revolution Network

Did you know that three GMO executives, including the executive Vice President of Monsanto, are being given the prestigious World Food Prize on Wednesday?!   This is an outrageous decision, and it flies in the face of the stated mandate of the World Food Prize to emphasize “the importance of a nutritious and sustainable food supply for all people.”

After this years’ prizes were announced, dozens of respected voices in the agriculture and food safety industry spoke out, but apparently they weren’t loud enough because the awards presentation is moving forward.   That’s where you come in.   Please click here to register your voice in protest and to join our “ThunderClap” campaign.   If you join our “ThunderClap,” you can then invite your friends and family to join as well, and help us send a message that will resonate powerfully across the world. If you join in, which takes less than a minute to do, your voice will be added to the global response. At the exact moment that the World Food Prize is handed out to three GMO executives, your voice will join thousands of others broadcast over Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.   This is an online experiment in mass mobilization.  Make your voice heard! But hurry, because you have to sign up before the prize gets dished out on Wednesday.   Join the ThunderClap here.   In less than two weeks, we’ll be launching the GMO Mini-Summit, and we’ll be discussing many important issues that are affecting our food supply. But in the meantime, we really need your help to pressure the World Food Prize so that they know that GMO executives aren’t heroes, and the last thing they deserve are awards.   Please sign up for our ThunderClap and make sure to spread the word so more people can speak out against GMO awards!

Check it out now! Ocean Robbins Ocean Robbins

P.S. Not sure what to believe about GMOs? Get the TRUTH in this game-changing first-ever global event! Click here to see what it’s about ==> GMO Mini Summit   P.P.S. Once you sign up, please use your networks on social media to tell your friends about this pivotal event. Registration is fr ee for everyone!


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